Mini vacation close to Skagen

Aalbæk Badehotel is centrally located in North Jutland with both Skagen and the roaring west coast just 20 minutes away. This is why the inn is the ideal starting point for a mini-vacation or a weekend stay in beautiful North Jutland.

During a pleasant mini-vacation, you can experience Grenen (the northernmost point of Jutland) and the fascinating vision when the Kattegat and Skagerrak meet at the top of Denmark as well as the many other exciting experiences in Skagen; Den Tilsandede Kirke (The sand-buried church), Denmark’s largest migrating dune (Råbjerg mile), Skagen Museum, and not least Skagen Harbor where you can enjoy seafood and a draft beer.

Regardless of the season, the harsh west coast is always worth a visit during a mini-vacation in North Jutland. Here, you can visit exciting artisans in Lønstrup, “The Town of the Arts”, visit Rubjerg Knude lighthouse and Råbjerg Mile.

Aalbæk Badehotel offers mini-vacations all year round except during the period of July 5 up to and including August 18. You can reserve a mini-vacation for 1, 2, or 3 nights.

Mini-vacation – 1 night

Overnight stay in a lovely double room, 3-course menu put together by the head chef and a wonderful breakfast buffet.

Can not be booked from July 1st to August 15th 2021
From DKK 858.00 per person.

Mini-vacation – Min. 2 nights

Min. 2 nights in a lovely double room, the head chef’s 2-course menu each evening and a wonderful breakfast buffet.

Price per. person pr. days, min. 2 nights
Kr. 749.00